Used Heating & Cooling Systems

Are you thinking of buying a used vehicle?

The one thing you get when you buy used cars is a used HVAC system as well.  This is an area of any truck, Suv or vehicle for that matter that people neglect to check out before making their purchase.  Often times this mistake and neglect will come back to bite the buyer in the butt!

If this has happened to you do not feel ashamed, you are simply among a large list of individuals across the world  Most people do not even think of checking the heating and air system of a vehicle before they buy it.  Some even do not know that all vehicles have an actual HVAC system.

My best advice to avoid buying any truck or Suv’s with a current central air problem is to have a local mechanic check the entire air conditioning and heating system before you make your purchase.  I would also ask them to take a look at the water pump as well to make sure it is still holding strong.  This is another area buyers neglect to check out before buying a used vehicle.

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7 thoughts on “Used Heating & Cooling Systems

  1. Herman Mitchelle says:

    I have personally bought a car and the HVAC system go out shortly after my purchase. I ended up paying for everything fix out of my own pocket and it was no fun. Don’t be like me! Make sure you check the AC and heater on any vehicle you thinking of buying.

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