Heating and Air Conditioning Repair & Home Air Quality

Do you need HVAC Repair Service to Improve Your Homes Air Quality?

If you think you may need heating and air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation services performed on your home’s heating and cooling system but do not know what to expect, do not worry!

In today’s article, we will go over exactly what you should expect during your next HVAC service call.  That is not all! We will also discuss the importance of the heating and air repair services and how they truly impact the air quality in your home.  

For additional information on what causes poor indoor air quality and pollution, please be sure to watch the following video:

So with no more hesitations, let’s get started!

What To Expect During Heating and Cooling Repair Services 

If you have a licensed HVAC service technician inspecting your heating and air conditioning system, he or she should be able to perform a thorough inspection and cleaning for a 100% satisfaction. All heat pump and air conditioner great services should include the following:


In order to ascertain that your thermostat is functioning in a proper way, the highly recommended HVAC technician you have hired should be able to ensure that it is installed in a proper way and that it is located away from heat sources and this includes heat-producing appliances and also light bulbs.

They should be able to tighten/check all the electrical connections. The technicians should be able to inspect all the electrical connections and ensure that they are operated in a safe way. 

Ensuring that electrical connections are tightened ensures that all the potential electrical hazards are eradicated and also helps in improving the lifespan of your heating and air conditioning equipment.

-Lubricating All Moving Parts

This is very important as it ensures that problems associated with moving parts such as too much friction are not damaged at all. If these moving parts are not properly lubricated, they may break down easily and quickly and that will call for more frequent repairs and replacements. This ensures that your equipment lasts for a long time.

-Checking and Clearing the Condensate Drain Line

Being able to clear all the air conditioner’s condensate line ensures that you’re AC is properly draining the liquid condensate. In case the drain line becomes clogged, the result of this is water leaks and other wetness and moisture problems. 

Cleaning the condensate drain ensures that you are able to eradicate any sort of bacteria and mold that is embedded on the drain line. Your HVAC contractor will check and fix the leaking condensate. They will ensure that your AC is properly working.

-Checking the Control System

This normally ensures that the HVAC system has proper cycling which ensures it operates safely. Checking that your heating and air conditioning system is able to start, operate and shut off properly is very important. Your HVAC contractor will be able to help you with this in an effective way.

-Change Air Filters

This is very important as it ensures that you have a working and clean air filter that is very suitable for your heating and air conditioning system. Even if you are able to change your air filters on your own, relying on a certified HVAC technician is a better option as they are able to recommend a better filtration or filter system that will fit your HVAC equipment.

Normally, it is recommended that you service your heating and air conditioning system twice a year. If your heating and air conditioning system breaks down during times when weather conditions are at their extreme, this could mean that your home becomes inhabitable at all. 

Staying in a home that does not have a heating and air conditioning system would be really risky. That is why hiring an HVAC contractor is very important.

Now that you know what to expect from the HVAC repair or installation team during your next service call, let’s take a look at the importance of good air quality in your home.

The Importance of Good Air Quality In Your Home

What everyone should know is that we are normally exposed to very many unavoidable risks on a daily basis and poor indoor air quality is actually one of them. Surely the indoor air quality we live in tends to influence our health in a big way. Surely the air we breathe is one of the things that each of us commonly shares. 

One thing for sure is that we cannot have control of the air in our outdoors but we can really try and influence the quality of our indoors. Being able to regulate the indoor air quality of a home is very important for the health and safety of those residing in the house.

Why is Good Air Quality In Your Home So Important?

According to research, most people spend most of their time indoors where air pollution can be about five times more concentrated than in the outdoors. The reality is that air pollutants can impact an individual’s health in a very direct way and the consequences can be detrimental in the later years. 

The immediate effects of indoor air pollution are often treatable and only last for a short period of time. The common symptoms of poor indoor air quality are coughing, headaches, and sinus congestion and this goes to show that ensuring the indoor air quality is on point is very important. If the quality of your indoor air is not improved for a long time, the effects could become more severe and even fatal especially to those who are most susceptible like children and the elderly. 

This why ensuring quality indoor air is very important. That is why investing in quality HVAC equipment is of great importance. Having a central air conditioner installed in your house will ensure you breathe clean air that has been freed from pollutants.

What Normally Causes Indoor Air Pollution?

Many are times when homeowners fall short of noticing the presence of pollutants in their houses. It can be difficult to identify them, especially with senses. These hazardous pollutants can be hailing from several sources some of which include new furniture, formaldehyde, poor insulation, lead, cleaning products, and paint on walls. 

Ensuring clean indoor air is very important and that is why installing HVAC equipment is critical. An air conditioner will be able to clean the polluted air and ensure the indoor air quality is not compromised at all.

What Can We Do To Ensure Indoor Air Quality Is Good?

We can ensure our air quality is alright by using safe paints and cleaning products for our home. Trying out air purifiers can also be very beneficial because they can control the amount of moisture in the air we breathe. 

Additionally increasing the ventilation of your house can also improve the air quality as it prevents the accumulation of hazardous pollutants. Additionally ensuring that your house has a well-installed air-conditional will also bring in additional benefits.

If you are still in search of more information on how HVAC services and how to find the best heating and air companies in your area, be sure to take some time to read the following related articles.

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